Focus on the best message on peace
Focus on the best message on peace

Even though some may think that peace is an illusion, it is a very important mission for the others. Such is also the case for the great warrior Prem Rawat who devoted his life to defend universal peace.

Fortunately, he is not alone in his quest; many renowned activists endeavored to make peace keeping as their main responsibility. Some of those personalities have left very beautiful messages about peace in the whole world. So, what if we take a little look at those messages to know them better?

The best message from Dalaï-Lama

The Tibetan leader Tenzin Gyatso who is known under the name Dalaï-Lama is an incarnation of peace. He said that " Peace does not only consist of the lack of violence or problems. It is when a conflict is likely to happen, but that you deliberately decided to avoid violence, to adopt and use non-violent methods and means to resolve all conflicts.

That is genuine peace ". This message can be taken into consideration in any circumstance whether it is in your private life, in your surroundings or even in the whole earth.

Peace starts with you according to SaiMaa

Spiritual master SaiMaa joined the great defender of peace Prem Rawat on his conviction that peace starts from each individual. In fact, this worldly renowned figure said, " Peace keeping is not possible as long as there are fights, tensions, and fear.

How can peace reign on earth if there is a war within you? " This is a beautiful summary relating how important it is to look for inner peace before you remove it from the world. Anyone who cannot keep peace of mind within oneself will not be able to recommend it to the world.

It is a gift according to Élie Wiesel

The Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 claimed that " Peace is not a gift from God for His creatures. It is a gift that we give to one another ". Everyone knows that God's virtue is that He is not in favor of violence.

In general, whenever violence takes place, it is always due to a conflict created by men among themselves. Yet, violence is not a gift from God. In the same way, when peace reigns, when men know how to avoid violence, this implies that they give peace to one another.

Nelson Mandela advised on how to have peace

The symbol of racial equality and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1993, Nelson Mandela, advised people that " To settle peace with an enemy, it is a must to cooperate with your enemy and that your enemy becomes your business partner ". After much thought about this, it is quite a difficult initiative; however, it is quite ingenious.

This means, you will become essential for your enemy and he will no longer have the opportunity to take you into any trouble. So, peace will automatically be restored again.

Such might have also been the reason why Lao Tseu said, " After you have settled a big problem, you still grieve somehow about what happened, and peace can only be settled by goodness ".

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